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Monday, 21 February 2011

My Gorgeous Girles- An Intro to my Best Friends

I have always preferred to have few great friends than many not so close friends. I lost quite a few of these type of friends when I was pregnant. I still have quite a few friends left, and this post is by no way trying to say these people are not important to me, but I do have 4 friends I would class as 'best friends'. These girls have known me for different amounts of time but I see all of them as important people in my life. Three of these girls are going to be Godmothers to Cameron, and the fourth would have been but I already have 7 Godparents! These gorgeous girlies deserve some recognition, so here they are:

1. Aimee 
Don't Ask! At our 18th Fancy Dress Party

This girls is the best of the best. She is my oldest friend and the girl I trust more than anyone else to be there for me no matter what. She is going in my will to look after Cameron, if the worst were to happen to me and Cameron's daddy. I met her way back when I was 8 years old, just after I had moved to Bournemouth from Kent. We made friends because we had the same barbie lunch boxes, barbie swimming bags, and we shared the same birthday, May 2nd. Since then we have had a couple of major fights, but have made up and become stronger from them. The times when I wasn't her friend were horrible. It was like losing a limb. I worried that when she moved away to Uni 4 years ago, I would lose contact with her. But this hasn't happened due to keeping in touch via Facebook, text, phone and even good old fashioned snail mail. The best letters I have ever received have been from Aimee. We have the exact same childish sense of humour, that I am delighted to say has not changed despite us getting older. Between us, we have had a fair amount of boyfriends, but we have always been there for each other. When I first told Aimee I was pregnant, I also told her I might not be keeping the baby. It was the one day in my whole pregnancy that it had got too much for me and I had actually considered not having the baby due to the huge complications in my life. Despite Aimee being a person who loves babies, she came round to comfort me and she was there for me to talk to and to cheer me up. When, the next day, I rang her up and told her that of course I wouldn't be having an abortion, that I was keeping the baby, she was ecstatic for me and allowed her joy about the baby come out. From early on we had decided that Aimee would be there at the birth, but at one point this might not have been possible, and I was devestated my best friend wouldn't be there. Luckily, when the time came, Aimee was there at the birth and was amazing. Both her and my mum were, and I couldn't have asked for better birthing partners. Since Cameron has been born she has continued to be amazing. I know she would love to see him more, but has moved to Cornwall this year to be with her boyfriend, so doesn't get to see us as much as I would like. She is one of the best friends a girl could ask for though and is truly special.

2. Georgie
On a Night out with Georgie

I met Georgie when I started Uni. We were put in the same group together for a poster project. Georgie later told me that when she realised I was in her group she groaned inwardly, because she had met me at the Freshers Ball when I was very drunk and apparently I was rude to her. I have no recollection of this but have no doubt it is true, Georgie is someone who would never lie. She also said that she had been a little scared of me at Uni to begin with because I had such dark hair, and would always look moody. I tend to do that at Uni as I am pretty shy and it is a defence mechanism. I am surprised I made any friends to be honest! We started spending loads of time together during working on the project and discovered we had some things in common, including a love of Jaffa cakes. I ended up pretty much living at Georgie's student let house in the first year as I was still at home and it was much more fun to be in a student environment. Georgie and me got closer still in the second year of our degree when she used to come and stay with me and Abi in our student house. Abi would go to bed earlier than me, so Georgie would often sleep in my bed. We would often have midnight feasts of cheese and ham toasties or jaffa cakes, which led to my nickname of Jaffa. We would also both leave our work until the last minute and sit up half the night working on it to get it finished by the deadline. I was devestated when Georgie told us that she was leaving the course, at the end of the second year. I couldn't imagine going back for fourth year without her. Luckily, we had a year for placement in between which meant we would have been away from each other for a year anyway. Georgie enrolled on a new course, in a new University, which happened to be where our other Uni friend Abi was from and was working on her placement. I did feel pretty left out that year when they were both living so close to each other, miles away from me. I went to visit Georgie a couple of times, once when I was pregnant, and it was great to see her so happy doing something she actually loves. I don't see Georgie as much as I would like to as she is so busy on her course and I am with mine. She has come down to Bournemouth a couple of times and loves seeing baby Cameron. She is great with him and I can't wait for her to have her own kids as she is a natural. I hope I can see Georgie more in the future, once I have finished with the pressures of Uni. She is a truly great friend and a great girl. I would be lost without her in my life.

3. Abi
Me and Abi, my fellow pouter :P

I met Abi at the same time as Georgie at Uni. She was the third and final member of our group for the poster. My first thoughts of Abi were that we were very similar. This thought still stands. We not only look pretty similar, a couple of people have mistaken us for sisters, but also to some extent in our personalities. We both tend to find making friends with other girls hard and get on with guys better, and we both like the same sort of things. This is probably why we became friends pretty quickly and, with Georgie, became a terrible trio. I got to know Abi well as we both ended up living with Georgie a lot of the time, and because we would sit next to each other in lectures and pass notes to each other instead of listening to the tutor. In the second year, me and Abi lived together along with three other girls who had lived in her halls the year before. It was a bit strange moving away from home and into a 5 bedroom house with 4 other girls, but my room was next door to Abi's and it just felt like one great big sleepover. It was great living together as we were both on the same course and could work on assignments at the same time. I feel I got to know Abi really well by living with her that year. We would often just chill out in either of our rooms, doing exercise DVDs or watching TV or films together. When I got the call to say I had a placement and I might have to move alone to Southampton, Abi was there for me suggesting wine and movies. It was a no brainer, when Georgie dropped her bombshell on us that she was leaving that year, that we would move in together in the fourth year. When I fell pregnant in placement year, I was unsure whether Abi would still want to move in together, as it would now not only be me, but a screaming baby to contend with. She said she still wanted to, though, and so in September we moved in to our gorgeous, brand new rented flat. Things haven't been amazing so far, mainly due to me finding adjusting to motherhood and Uni slightly hard to begin with. I do feel more secure now, but it is hard to spend time just me and Abi when my main priority is now Cameron. Having so much Uni work is also hard, on both of us, and I do feel that once that work is over, we will be able to relax more! Abi is always there for me when I want to moan about various men, various exes, various uni assignments etc. Recently she watched the entire series of Sex and the City, and when I was around I watched with her. We are still very similar, which is great when you are living together. I hope that once we move out and go our seperate ways with our careers, that we won't lose contact. She is a great girl and will go far, I have no doubt about that.

4. Sealy
With Sealy, back in the old days, 'revising' on the beach

I met Sealy when I was 16, when my then fiance, told me that he had a surprise for me. Thinking that it would be my engagement ring, I was very disappointed to say the least, when instead he showed up at my work (New Look) with a gorgeous girl on his arm. I was incredibly rude to Sealy for the first few days that i knew her. It turns out my suspicions were right however, as my ex had been trying it on with her back then. However, she turned him down, and told him he had a pretty fiancee and shouldn't be trying things with other girls. Him and Sealy have since fallen out, but we are still great friends. Sealy ended up moving in with my family, after only a couple of months of me knowing her. It was great having her living at home and we quickly became like sisters. When she went out with a friend of my boyfriend, we became even closer and often hung out together at mine as a foursome. When they broke up, Sealy took it really hard as it came from nowhere. I was there for her and in return, when my ex split with me in Cyprus, she was there for me. She has always been very protective of me with men as she hates to see me return to the men who treat me badly. I am able to tell her anything and know she won't judge me. Sealy moved out but moved back in again a couple of years later when she found herself without a place to stay. We would go out a lot together and have a great time in town. It was whilst she was staying with us again, a couple of years ago, that she met my cousin. They ended up going out, which I will admit, did put a strain on our friendship a bit as I was an unwanted third wheel. I saw less and less of Sealy. This wasn't just because of their relationship, but also because I was then in a long distance relationship with my now ex boyfriend, and so whenever he was around the house, we would want to make the most of him being there. We got over this bump in our friendship, though, and started seeing more of each other again towards the end of my pregnancy. Sealy is another maternal girl who I know will be an excellent mum when she decides to have a baby. She is incredibly ambitious so I think she will be a little more sensible than I was though! I love Sealy to pieces, and she was my Valentine this year. I cooked us a meal and she brought me a rose and wine. Who needs men when you have girlfriends this great? I hope I never stop being friends with Sealy, as she is a lovely person to know, and if I never heard her gorgeous Scottish voice, I would be sad.

Love you girlies xxxxxx

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