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Tuesday, 22 February 2011

How to Curl your hair with GHD's

I used to curl my hair with my straighteners all the time before I had Cameron, but these days it is hard to find the time. Curling with straighteners, once you know how, is quite easy but does tend to take awhile. I have tried using other straighteners and haven't been able to so I would recommend GHD's for curling.

My hair is naturally a little wavy, so I usually use straighteners on it when I have washed it, and then the next day it is still relatively straight.

My Hair straight

I love having my hair curly as it seems more glam and it also maintains hair for another day if it's gone a little greasy and you don't feel like washing it. I curled my hair the other day and this is what it looked like:

To curl with GHD's, first you should really have hair that isn't completely clean as it will be harder to keep the curls from falling out. Day old hair is the best to work with. If your hair is prone to grease, spray a small amount of dry shampoo onto it first and brush through as normal.

Section your hair and, starting with a section of around 3 inches, place the straighteners about 2 inches below the roots and close them around the hair section. Turn the hair around the straighteners, at the same time gently pulling the straighteners in a downward motion. When you reach the bottom, let the hair section fall from the straighteners and it should be curled. If it hasn't, don't worry, just start from the beginning again. This is the part that really takes practise!

Once this step has been mastered, simply continue al the way around the head, using a sectioning clip. I would suggest spraying your hair with hairspray at intervals to ensure that the curls stay in place. Once the whole head has been curled, spray once more with hairspray and scrunch the hair slightly to seperate too tight curls.

For a more relaxed, daytime look, simply use less pressure when curling the sections, or start further down the hair.

NB. If you go out at night with curled hair and have no time in the morning to wash your hair, curled hair is much easier to disguise grease/dirt etc so just pile it up in a clip, letting a few curls hang loosely around your face for a casual, girly look.

For the Video on how to use GHDs to curl your hair, follow the YouTube link:

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